Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Superior olive selection: The foundation of quality olive oil production is the selection of healthy, high-quality olives that have reached the appropriate maturity level. Therefore, we take care to use only the best olives.

Proper harvest timing: We ensure that olives are harvested at the ideal maturity level and under suitable conditions, allowing for the highest oil content and quality.

Cold-pressing method: By using a temperature-controlled cold-pressing method, we preserve the nutritional value, aroma, and flavor profile of the olive oil.

Hygiene and production process: We are committed to maintaining the quality of olive oil by ensuring hygienic conditions and continuous monitoring at our production facilities.

Compliance with international quality standards: By adhering to international quality standards such as the IOC, USDA, and EU, we ensure that our product meets globally recognized quality criteria.

Transparency and traceability: By providing transparency throughout all stages of production, we inform consumers about the quality and reliability of the product and build trust.

Education and information: We emphasize educational and informational activities to ensure that consumers are knowledgeable about olive oil quality and teach them the proper ways to use it.

This quality policy reflects our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality olive oil and is part of our continuous improvement process.

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