Cold extraction

Cold extraction

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by directly squeezing the olive fruits. In this way, the olive oil obtained is produced in its most natural state without being exposed to factors such as chemical treatment and additives.

Early Harvest Natural Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Cold pressed olive oil; At the beginning of October, when the olives are still green, they are carefully collected in the early harvest period, without touching the ground, and put in 25 kg boxes with perforated air permeability until they reach the factory. Without waiting, it is taken to the factory within 4 hours at the latest and tightened. Negative flavors are prevented from forming in the oil by storing, transporting and squeezing in 4 hours at the latest.

Our olive oils are produced by Cold Press method in 2-phase systems under 26°C. With this production method, vitamins and phenolic components that are beneficial for health are kept at the highest level.

Preliminary analyzes of our olive oils are made in the factory and they are stored in an inert environment that prevents the oil from deteriorating by combining with oxygen in steel chrome tanks. The area where our chrome tanks are located is also kept at 18C-20C by air conditioning.

Chemical and sensory analyzes of our oils are carried out in internationally accredited Food Control Laboratories.

With the effect of phenol components and antioxidants from olive fruit, which has a green fruity aroma, it creates intense palpable bitterness on the tongue and a burning sensation in the nasal passages. Vitamin E, bio phenols, antioxidant, etc. values required for health are at the highest level.

Our Olive Oil, which is also suitable for table and cooking; It is recommended to be used by pouring raw on rice, pasta, bread, pizza and grilled fish in the morning, in salads and appetizers.


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