Olive Oil Factory

Olive Oil Factory


Our olive oil factory produces high quality olive oil with cold pressing methods, with a continuous system with a daily capacity of 160 tons, established on 10 decares of land in our own olive grove.

Our Production Method;
The olives are hand picked at our own olive farm which are the processed at most within 4 hours in our factory; the cleaning, crushing, kneading (malaxation) are done in the highest hygiene conditions.

It is very important to clean the olives, especially in terms of oil quality and for the safety of the equipment used. For this, olives are first washed in an automatic washing machine and cleaned from elements such as insects, leaves, branches, stones and soil.
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Crushing: The cleaned olives are transported to the crusher with an automatic conveyor. The crusher transforms the incoming olives into pulp.
Kneading (Malaksation):
The olive paste coming from the crusher is kneaded in the malaxor system for 30-40 minutes at the most, under 26°C for cold pressing. This process ensures that the oil is separated from the cells and the olive paste reaches a consistency that allows the olive oil to be taken from it.
Separation of Oil: The olive paste, which has reached the consistency to release the olive oil, is conveyed from the malaxator to the decanter. The decanter separates the black water, pomace and oil in this dough by centrifugation technique. water and pomace are sent to their own storage. The olive oil that comes out is transmitted to the separator. Here, as a final process, it is separated from other suspended particles by centrifugation and filtered.
Once filtered by natural procedures, the new oil is transferred to our cellar where it will rest in small stainless steel tanks in an inert atmosphere thanks to the use of nitrogen and maintained at a constant
temperature by means of an innovative air conditioning system

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