Trilye Early Harvest Olive Oil

Trilye Early Harvest Olive Oil

Trilye Olive Oil

The Trilye olive, commonly known as the Gemlik olive, is a kind of olive tree native to Turkey. This type of olive, which has no imitation in its type, variety and type, is the most famous of the olives grown within the borders of our country.

Cold pressed early harvest olive oil obtained from olives harvested in the early harvest period gives excellent results in terms of quality. When the olive is green in color, it is collected without touching the ground, without injury or crushing, and it is produced as cold pressed in a short time without using enzymes, which affects the quality of the oil.

It is a high quality and very beneficial variety in terms of health in terms of oil content obtained from the Trilye olive tree. It creates olive oil that can be recommended as a medicine with the health and healing oil content it contains.

This oil, which can be used in both cold and hot dishes with its golden yellow oil, has a very deep flavor compared to many olive oil varieties.

Our olive oil, which is produced by Cold Press method in 2-phase systems under 26 °C, has an acidity of 0.2% and its Polyphenol value is quite high, bitterness and burning are intensely felt in our oil. With this production method, vitamins and phenolic components that are beneficial for health are kept at the highest level.

Preliminary analyzes of our olive oils are made in the factory and stored in steel chrome tanks. The area where our chrome tanks are located is also kept at 18C-22C by air conditioning.

Chemical and sensory analyzes of our oils are carried out in internationally accredited DEPPO Special Food Control Laboratories.

With the effect of phenol components and antioxidants from olive fruit, which has a green fruity aroma, it creates intense palpable bitterness on the tongue and a burning sensation in the nasal passages. Vitamin E, biophenols, antioxidant, etc. values required for health are at the highest level.

It is recommended to be consumed raw at breakfast and to be used by pouring raw into salads.

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